7 Ways to Get Paid to Test Products at Home

How does it work?

The initial step for one to be a product tester at Pinecone research is by signing up to be a member. The process is free of charge. After signing up, you will get email notifications about new opportunities for product testing and more important, about upcoming surveys.

Pinecone allows you to directly be contacted by the companies about product idea through surveys or they can have Pinecone send you the product to you for you to test it at the comfort of your home.

After sending the products, you are required to complete the questionnaires about the product. It, in turn, enables you to earn points; you can convert these points to prizes and cash. Most important noting is that you are required to be the actual product tester to attain reliable results.

How to get paid?

Just like the other sites, Pinecone research awards you with points whenever you participate in a survey or home testing case. To prove that you are the indeed the account holder Pinecone sends a check for your first payment to your home address.

What do they offer?

After submitting you a product, they accompany it with a questionnaire. Upon becoming a research panelist, you can provide your opinion on a product or service.

What do we like about them?

Pinecone has a reputation excellent similar to that of the National Consumer Panel since Nielson operates them. This alone satisfies the question of trust and reliability.

Pinecone Research offers better pay per survey. You earn $3 for every successful product test survey. Pinecone provides a wide variety of gift card alternatives, and as a means for the compensation, they offer sweepstakes.

What don’t we like about them?

You have to reapply again for recruitment in case you do not succeed. This is because Pinecone research only keeps your details for a short time waiting for an opportunity to arise, if it does not, then you repeat the whole process.

Since Pinecone research focuses on families/ household view of a product, the panel slots are not available to all. They are open to only those that household’s details are what they want.

5. JJ Friends & Neighbors (John & Johnson)

Whenever we hear the words John & Johnson, we automatically relate without any struggles. They are the manufacturers of baby and beauty products, besides; they also own Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, Aveeno, and a couple of more other brands. They are among the most prominent brands globally and have undertaken the business for over 100years.

It is effortless to be a member at JJ Friends & Neighbors, all you have to do is visit their website where you will find a register button. Click the button where you will be requested to enter your email, and you are also required to create a username and password.

Next, you go to the link as directed to wind up with your membership. Then you will receive emails about surveys that suit your specific strategy; alternatively, you can look for product testing opportunities from their website. The procedure is worth taking, considering the name of the company.

Some of the opportunity also available at JJ Friends $ Neighbors include; panels, focus groups, taking part in online survey and discussion groups.

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